UV & Blue Light Spectrosphere

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Digital device ideal to check for UV and blue light Protection and the visible light transmission values of a lens
Wide, back lit LCD display.
Three functions:
1 Blue Light
• Check blue light filter
(380-500 nm)
• Check blue light transmission
2 Spectro
• Transmission of UV light UV (385 nm)
• Transmission of visible light (400-700 nm)
• Shows the filter category according to EC norms.
• Shows the colour intensity of the lens
• Shows if the lens is suitable for driving (500-600 nm) 3 Sphere
• Measures the lens curvature by checking the lens surfaces
• Calculates the refractive index by measuring lens surfaces in accordance with the optical power of the lens.

Dimensions: 220x145x70mm 

Weight: 0,85 kg.
Display: 35×120 mm
Power supply: 230 V AC 50 Hz
(5V-1A with transformer)
The spectrosphere includes a USB cable for
connection to PC and software in order to save the
test data and print a report for the customer.