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Choose from three Sizes:

Ref  05050 KIT complete  – will hold a maximum of 8 frames

Ref  05041 KIT complete – will hold a maximum of 15 frames

Ref  05042 KIT complete  – will hold a maximum of 30 frames 


Germicidal Machine UV-C rays 253.7: These machines use a special germicidal lamp powered with 253.7 UV rays which quickly removes every single micro-organism.

Use this device to efficiently and thoroughly sterilize your Frames and dispensing tools, enabling them to be promptly ready for use.

Ideal for the treatment of frame stock, trial frames, test lenses and flippers. May also be used for sterilizing items such as jewellery, watches, keys and even phones (the treatment with the UV light does not generate heat).

The inside shelf keeps the items away from the reflecting surface in order that the rays uniformly coat the products, so as to optomise germicidal action. For a better result we suggest you do not place items on top of each other.

The security of the operator is guaranteed by a micro-switch that switches off the lamp whenever the door is open.

Solidly built in Italy to meet European Directive 2004/106CE, the external metal parts have a coated surface whilst the inside is shiny stainless steel with the viewing door fitted to protect from the UV-C rays.

We suggest you sterilize any frames chosen by your customer prior to fitting/wearing or returning to your displays.

For frames with ophthalmic and special treatment lenses we suggest you remove the lenses first as continuous treatment can cause the lenses to yellow.

Sterilization time:
From 60 seconds to a maximum 90 seconds.  
We recommend not to treat lenses for longer




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