Become a Sports Eyewear Specialist

Safest Sports Eyewear Ever Created


Perth, Australia (August 2014) – Aviva Optical proudly announce the launch of PROGEAR Eyeguard Fitting Kit.


Become a Sports Eyewear Specialist with the PROGEAR Eyeguard     Fitting Kit.


The 7 Piece Fitting Kit represents all options within the range, presented in an   attractive display tray along with point of sale materials including a size 5 PROGEAR football.


The Fitting Kit frames are designed for sizing only. Each frame is laser etched with “Fitting Frame Only” allowing your clients to choose a suitable size and colour to be ordered.


The PROGEAR Eyeguard Fitting Kit eliminates the need to order frames on patient approval and allows your client to select the required option              immediately without waiting for approval stocks to be sent. The complete     Fitting Kit is supplied at a cost significantly lower than the equivalent in         standard stock.


We believe that your sales of PROGEAR Eyeguard will increase with the use of the fitting kit. If you are not satisfied you may return the complete kit for a full refund after twelve months.


PROGEAR Eyeguard is the FIRST Rx-able sports eyewear line ever created to pass all 3 international sports safety standards at the same time – ASTM F803 (USA), EN 166 (Europe) and JIS T8147.5.1d (Japan).


PROGEAR Eyeguard comes in Frame or Goggle styles both in 3 sizes, Size 48/18 for kids; Size 52/18 for juniors and ladies; Size 55/19 for adults. Each size frame has its own 4 unique and age-relevant colors. 

 2014 standard progear eyeguard-POP 

PROGEAR Eyeguard is equipped with a patent-pending Lockable Spacer   System that allows eye care professionals to glaze prescription lenses easily without any special tools or techniques.