Due to COVID-19 we have delayed the printing of a new catalogue. However, we have prepared an online interactive version which can be accessed in the below links. Each product image or underlined link in the catalogue can be clicked on and you will be directed to that product on the AvivaMann website. The catalogue is separated into 3 sections; Accessories, Frames & Workshop/Spare Parts.

Section 1: AMOG 2020-2021 ED.25 S1

Spectacle Cords & Chains, Brooches, Spectacle Cases, Lens Cleaning/Anti-Fog Products, Contact Lens Accessories, Make-Up Frames, Fit Over Sunglasses, Clip-Ons & Flip-Ups, Vintage Frames, Magnetic Clip-On Frames, Sunglass Lenses.


Section 2: AMOG 2020-2021 ED.25 S2

Centrostyle Children’s Sunglasses, Centrostyle Children’s Frames, Nano Baby, Nano Vista Ranges, Dosuno Eyewear, Slastik Magnetic Frames, Reading Glasses & Half-Eyes, Centrostyle Sports Eyewear, Progear Eyeguard, Progear Sportshades, Swimming Goggles & Dive Masks.


Section 3: AMOG 2020-2021 ED.25 S3

Safety Frames, Magnifiers, Accessories, Eye Patches & Occluders, Price Tags, Testing Room Supplies, Workshop Tools & Supplies.






Centrostyle Products


Nano Vista Catalogues: