Clipping 42/13, 44/14 & 46/14


The Nano Indestructible mounts have evolved thanks to their updated design and technical improvements that have resulted in their new version 3.0, maintaining the essence “Nano”.

1. Perfect front-rod alignment: Reduction of the tension of the rods to improve the alignment between them and the front.
2. Adjustable pantoscopic angle: Perfect fit thanks to the Siliflex core and the high recovery capacity of the new “52” hinge.
3. New construction: Double injection part for perfect finish and solid melting between materials.
4. New “52” hinge: Softer and curved shapes, much more resistant and comfortable!
5. New coupling for the strap.
6. Double material pieces: Siliflex™ + TPE.
7. And of course, they include elastic strap and mini-strap for a perfect fit!

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